munro poetry seeks poems of any length that were written by Peter Munro and have been previously published in reputable (mostly) journals.

If you are Peter Munro and have some previously published poems you would like us to consider, please submit them for our evaluation.

However, you can’t be just any Peter Munro.  You must be THE Peter Munro (and we think you know what we mean).

We feel compelled to reiterate that each submitted poem must have been previously published.  We will not compromise on this requirement.  Even more specifically, the publication must have been in a journal edited by editors whose ears have not been fabricated from of tin.  (Admittedly, such journals are few and far between, but we strive to keep our standards high nonetheless.)

If your work meets these criteria and you are still interested in sending poems for our consideration, we strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with the poems served from this site prior to submitting.