Internet Poems (and sundry)

IMG_0867Each title links to its piece.  Each journal title links to the home page of the journal that published the piece.  Most recent first.

THE EMPHYSEMA, HAMMERTOES, AND SHOT-SUSPENSION BLUES  (Hamilton Stone  Review, Fall 2006, Issue 10)  [This is an older poem.  I’m trying to get caught up.]

PSALM AGAINST WEEPING IPUBLIC     (concīs magazine, 17 January 2016)

THE WIND’S MEASURE translated into Norwegian at a Norwegian teaching site called Diktkammeret, which translates to The Poetry Chamber.  (Originally published in Poetry, February 2009)

Interview excerpt (Rattle, Fall 2015)

IF THIS IS MIDDLE AGE, THEN I‘LL DIE AT 93.667  (Rattle, Fall 2015, includes audio)

THOUGH I SPEAK IN TONGUES OF RAVENS     (Compose, Spring 2015)

CROWS, RAVENS, AND KEEPING FAITH     (A post at the Compose blog telling the story behind Though I Speak In Tongues Of Ravens)

THE JACK KNIFE   (The Cortland Review, Issue 67, Spring 2015, includes audio)

OBSERVANTS     (Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2015)