Cafe Blue

Cafe Blue is an on-line literary community that has nourished me since the early 90s.  I can’t recall the year I joined.  We brag to ourselves that we are one of the oldest on-line communities of any sort.  It might be true.  As a poet who works outside of any sort of literary establishment, this community has been my best relief of loneliness.  Even if we’re blabbing about something other than literature, I feel at home among fellow writers and acute readers.

Here is a link to a semi-history, dug up by long-time Bluer, Bruce Bentzman.

Cafe Blue began as a list-serve for discussing how the presentation of poems and literary fiction with new media provided by computers and the Internet.  Over the years our discussions have broadened to include just about anything, but we still talk about literature with some regularity.  Sometimes we talk about literature wisely.  Sometimes we talk about literature in the information age.   We can get pretty loud.  Sometimes the noise feels little rough and crusty.  But that’s just passion among friends.

In Cafe Blue, we love it when a new person joins.  So please join.  Click on these words: Cafe Blue


Cafe Blue started as an adjunct to the early e-journal, Blue Penny Quarterly.  Then there was a dispute over who had rights to “Blue Penny Quarterly” and the journal changed names to “Blue Moon Review”.  Now the Blue Penny Quarterly is back.